Student Support Centre

This provision ensures that all learners receive

the help and support they need to become highachieving,

well rounded individuals. It consists

of our Special Educational Needs Department

run by our SENCO Mrs Dudley. Within the

centre there is a literacy and numeracy catchup

teaching area and emotional and behaviour

support for students. The centre offers support

to students and parents both during and after

the school day.


Attitude to Learning

At Benton Park School we believe that the best

academic results are achieved when students

enjoy school life. We develop in our students

a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and a

respect for self, others and the environment. We

have high standards and expectations of our

students, who are expected to take responsibility

for their own actions and to show courtesy and

respect to staff, visitors and to one another.


Form Tutor

The Form Tutor meets their form group every

day at registration, knows their students well

and is always willing to help if problems arise.

The Form Tutor will also see individuals on a

regular basis to discuss progress and encourage

them to achieve highly. They will also have a

good understanding of overall progress and

academic achievement. The Form Tutor will be

the first point of contact for parents.


School Uniform

The wearing of a school uniform encourages

students to have a sense of pride and belonging

as well as reinforcing our high standards.