Student Planner

The School Planner is an important part of school life.  It should not be defaced, always kept neat and tidy and used to record awards, sanctions and homework.  You should read your Planner carefully at the beginning of each school year.  

Your planner should be signed by parents/carers every week along with the following pages:

  • Agreements between Student, School and Home (Page 5 and 21)
  • Staff Parent Consultation Evening (Page 32)
  • Personal Targets (Page 34)

Your Planner also contains information on:

  • How your planner can help you
  • Personal Charter
  • School uniform
  • PE Department uniform
  • Stamp Tally Page
  • In lesson expectations
  • Around school expectations
  • Rewards and sanctions
  • School routines (timings/equipment)
  • School routines information
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Fire Drill, Valuables and Mobile Phones
  • Toilets, Food & Drink
  • What to do if it snows
  • Benton Park Student Support Centre including outside agencies
  • Health & Medication in school
  • School Terms & Holidays
  • Staff Parent Consultation Evening appointment record
  • Exam Information
  • Personal Targets sheet
  • Subject specific information (to be found at the back of the planner)