School Meals

In April 2017 we were delighted to announce important changes to our school meals and catering facilities.

Catering for over 1300 students is not an easy task, but we have a team of skilled staff and we are committed to providing our students with a healthy balanced diet, offering a variety of tasty food at a reasonable cost. Our vision is to embed a healthy food culture which we hope will contribute to student well-being and academic performance.   

The majority of our food is now made from scratch and sourced from local suppliers, using seasonal produce wherever possible.  Our ingredients are ethically sourced, free range and sustainable, with farm assured meats.  To promote healthy lifestyle choices, all our meals are compliant with Government Healthy Schools Standards, which includes removal of chocolate covered confectionary, restrictions on pastry and fried food and removal of sugary drinks/aspartame products.

We have 3 catering outlets all offering a wide variety of tasty and nutrious food.

BOB logo

Offering classic British cuisine

Jet Logo 2

Offering international dishes

MED logo

A range of medittaranean dishes and jacket potatoes.

We recently asked our students what they thought of the new school meal service and here's what they said:


"We love the chicken katsu curry, spinach and ricotta ravioli and the houmous and pitta”

“The new food is amazing, I love it, yay for health”

“I like the high quality food”

“The food is much healthier now and we have more options”

“I like the bolognaise and the pasta options, I also like the drinks”

“The food is delicious now”


Please click on the links below to access the menus for the current week.


All our menus contain allergy symbols in line with Government regulations detailing whether the dishes contain any of the 14 specified allergens. Details of the descriptions we use on our menus are detailed below.  

Our team are always happy to work with individuals to meet their specific medical and allergen needs.  Many of the foods can be adapted and pre ordered.  We encourage all our students and visitors to speak to the staff for guidance.  

Cashless Catering System

We operate a Cashless Catering system for our school meals.  This works in conjunction with ParentPay to allow payments to be made online for school meals and other items.  It operates using Biometric Data and a list of frequently asked questions can be found by clicking here. 


Free school meals are available for anyone eligible for this.  For further information please follow the link below.