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Our school aims to:      

‘Create a climate for great learning, success and


We do this by:

• Providing exciting and innovative learning opportunities for all

• Providing a safe, caring environment where diverse qualities and achievements are valued

• Providing a broad and balanced curriculum

• Promoting ‘Student Voice’ to inform and enhance decision making

• Celebrating student achievement


Pastoral Care

At Benton Park School we support students to ensure they are able to achieve their full

potential in all areas of their development. A dedicated team of teaching and support staff

work within the Pastoral Team to ensure your child’s wellbeing is catered for.


Celebrating Achievement

As a school, we believe that the effort and achievement of all learners should be valued

and rewarded. A central aim of the school is to motivate, encourage and praise learners.

Learners appreciate recognition and celebration of their achievements and our positive rewards

system helps to develop a climate of mutual respect between learners and staff.


Admissions Policy and Procedures

Benton Park School is a Local Authority maintained school. Admissions for the start

of Year 7 are processed by Leeds City Council Children’s Services. Parents with children in

the final year of Primary School will receive an application form from the Local Authority to

express a preference for a Secondary School.

This must be completed and returned by the due date to the Local Authority.

Details are available from the Leeds Pupil Admissions Department Tel: 0113 2224414


Further information

To help guide you through the process and to find out how to apply for your place at Benton

Park School, please visit the Leeds City Council Admissions site or contact them directly.


Benton Park School

School Office

Tel: 0113 2502330



Leeds City Council Admissions