Healthy Schools Award 2017

Healthy Schools Award 2017


We are delighted to have recently been awarded Healthy Schools Status.  The award recognises all the work we do to support our students in the following four areas:

  • Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE).
  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health (EWMH).


The report following our day long assessment, highlighted all the school's strengths in the above areas.  Below are extracts of just some of the wonderful comments which the assessors made after their visit to the school.

"This school has a holistic approach and vision for investing in the whole child and the health and wellbeing agenda."

"The school’s strong pastoral care, community ethos and caring nature are felt when you enter this school. All stakeholders work hard to provide all students with a positive and fully inclusive learning experience."

"The Healthy Schools Programme is led very effectively and has a growing profile in the school."

"All students spoken to reported how proud they are to belong to this school community and went to great lengths to act as ambassadors for the school, clearly valuing the effect of the input they have received. They were happy, articulate, polite and friendly and demonstrated that health messages are understood and that this is impacting on their lives."

"Staff dedication and contribution to school life at Benton Park School are real strengths, with staff wanting the best outcomes for their students. They are very supportive of each other, friendly, happy and good role models for the students and are very approachable. They know their students and families well and do what is right for them and the community, which ensures everyone feels safe and valued. All staff are fully committed and motivated to improve the health and wellbeing of students."

"Student voice and engagement with students across the school are a strength. The School Leadership Council alongside the School Parliament and School Council are very important stakeholders and they support the vision of the school. The School Council has a good structure and the students could talk confidently about changes that had been made in school and the positive impact they had had. All students feel valued and are provided with numerous opportunities to express their views on how to improve things at this school. 

The award is testament to all the hard work and commitment from a wide variety of staff, students, parents and governors.  We have lots of exciting plans and ideas to develop our work further in this area and we look forward to building upon this success.





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