Careers and Progression from Benton Park

Careers and Progression from Benton Park


At Benton we believe in every student fulfilling their potential and this relentless drive for success is just as noticeable in our hopes and expectations for students’ next steps as it is during lessons. We have a very proud record of students achieving places at top Universities and positions with top employers.

Every possible option is catered for as part of our progression guidance and as opportunities outside of University begin to mirror those inside it we are always wary of the absolute importance of correct, timely, supportive intervention that is based on the students’ needs and aspirations.  The chart below shows the range of destinations and different paths our students followed in 2016.

year 13 destinations1


Each year we are extremely proud of all our Year 13 Leavers and their achievements.  Below are just a few of our many success stories from 2016:

  • Olivia Wooler – A*A*B, Cardiff University – Medicine
  • Brendan Nixon – A*A*A*, Manchester University – Chemistry
  • Josh Parker – AAA, Birmingham University – History
  • Charlotte Edwards – A*AA, York University – Psychology
  • Seb Shannon – A*AA, Loughborough University – Maths
  • Martin Eglin – AAA, Lancaster University – Geography
  • Oliver Welsh – A*A*A*A*, Cambridge University – Maths
  • Isabel Barber – A*A*A, Oxford University – History
  • Jeremy Naylor- Wardle – A*AAA, Newcastle University – Medicine
  • Heather Hudson – A*A*A, Bristol University – Chemistry
  • Georgina Deas – AAA, Newcastle University – Accounting & Maths


2016 students