Be Active Be Sporty

Benton Park School believes that providing a range of opportunities in sports for all is essential both for fitness and health reasons as well as the sense of achievement and value that a healthy and active lifestyle brings. This philosophy, does not compromise our desire to fully stretch and challenge our most talented students and enable them to participate in their sport at the highest possible standard. Our students and their teams regularly win titles and trophies as well as representing their cities and county in a variety of sports.

We offer a large and inclusive list of sports for all our students to access during PE at our school. The main sports include basketball, rugby, trampolining, hockey, football, badminton and table tennis during the winter terms with rounders, cricket, athletics and tennis offered during the summer. All students, irrespective of their previous involvement or ability level, are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular sporting activities. Our teams regularly compete against other local schools in competitive leagues and competitions. The faculty of Sport & PE also offers highly successful examination courses at GCSE, A Level and a Level 3 vocational pathway. These multi-facetted courses provide the opportunity for students to study anatomy and physiology, socio-cultural influences, sports psychology and health and well-being to name just a few.

Key Stage 3

Core PE lessons place an emphasis on being physically active and participating in a variety of sports to build up physical ability. Students are taught, through the medium of practical sports, the importance of regular exercise and the enjoyment that this can bring as well as the advantages to one’s health and well-being. Students in KS3 are timetabled for 4 periods of Core PE per fortnight.

Key Stage 4

Core PE continues to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of sports in a more defined range of activities that students are able to select from a list in recognition of their increasing maturity and responsibility levels. KS4 students are timetabled 2 core PE periods per fortnight in which they are given the opportunity to develop their health and well-being by playing competitive sports.


All students are made aware of the faculty’s expectations on PE kit at the start of each term and through displays around the department. Students will be issued with an equipment mark if they forget their kit/items of their kit.

  • 1st kit mark - negative comment in in planner
  • 2nd equipment mark - private detention with the teacher during the school day
  • 3rd and successive kit marks - after school detention

Students are required to bring their kit when they are injured and failure to do so will result in an equipment mark. PE kit is required as students will still be expected to participate in PE lessons but in a non-physically active way such as officiating, coaching or being responsible for equipment. Being dressed in PE kit ensures that they are still engaged in their PE lesson.

Examination PE

These courses provide a deeper understanding of physical education and will open students' eyes to the amazing world of sports performance. Not only will  they have the chance to perform in their chosen sports through practical components of these courses but they will also develop wide ranging knowledge into the how and why of physical activity and sport.

GCSE PE comprises of a 60% weighted theory exam assessment, made up of two hours of assessment split over two examination papers. (2x 1 hour), taken at the end of the two year course. The practical part of the course is delivered via a 40% weighted non-exam assessment giving students the opportunity to apply the theory to their own sporting performance in three different sporting activities from an approved list of sports, as well as allowing them to analyse performance in their chosen sport. Please be aware that it is essential that candidates are playing, coaching or officiating regularly for clubs outside of school, as the performance criteria for this unit demand a very high standard of performance.

Key Stage 5

A Level PE – The majority of lessons will be spent in the classroom exploring the theoretical side of the course which is worth 70% of the total qualification. Students will study; anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, sport psychology, skill acquisition, sport and society and contemporary issues in sport. While there may be some practical lessons it is expected that students are participating in their chosen sport outside of school to compliment their practical assessment. A log book, outlining, all training and games should be kept through the 2 year programme of study. The practical element of the course, worth 30% of the qualification, can be completed as either a coach or a performer in a sport from a list of approved activities. Evidence of regular competitive participation in a chosen sport is mandatory

BTEC Sport Level 3

In this entirely coursework based course, students are required to complete 19 Units in order to complete the Extended Diploma (which is equivalent to 3 A Levels). Lesser qualifications are available should students wish to finish the course earlier. All units will involve a range of tasks from essays, research and reports, to presentations. There is a large degree of practical work over the course but very heavily focused around the ability to identify and offer ways to improve. Performance analysis is based on coaching and officiating. There will also be the possibility of doing extra qualifications in coaching, officiating and leadership alongside the course.

Extra-Curricular in PE

Our aim is that all students leave our school having had a positive and enjoyable experience of the physical education program. This ethos is supported by our vast program of extra-curricular sporting activities that we aim to put on for students every day of the school week. Please click her for details of the extra curricular PE program for 2017/18. 

Safeguarding in Sport

Please click on the attached link to find out useful information regarding all aspects of safeguarding in sports and community clubs.

Safeguarding in sports/ dance/ community clubs